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The Search for Whoopi Goldberg’s Eyebrows is Over!

In New York, a man paid $5 for a box which was being auctioned off at an estate sale. Among some of the items in the box were Whoopi Goldberg’s eyebrows.

Whoopi Goldberg

You see, ever since childhood, Whoopi Goldberg has been without eyebrows. In an interview with Tweezers.com, she jokes about how she lost them while she was walking home from school one day. “It was a windy day, and I guess I just wasn’t being careful…and the next thing I knew…whip…whip… off came my eyebrows.”

Some say she shaves them off, and some say she suffers from Alopecia, a condition in which hair is lost in all or some areas of the body. Nobody but Goldberg knows the real reason why she has no eyebrows, but we don’t really care. All we care about is mentioning how weird her eyebrow-less face looks.

Eyebrows found at auction

As for the guy who purchased Goldberg’s eyebrows? He is apparently going to try and auction them off on eBay. We doubt he’ll even get a penny for them!

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